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On 19.06.2019, we received one of the most important certificates in the furniture industry FSC® Chain of Custody, which is proof that we support the development of responsible forest management and we conduct our business with care and respect for the natural environment, treating ecological reasons on an equal footing with social and economic.

The FSC certification system is the first and most recognizable certification system for forests and wood products. It is based on a number of principles and requirements created by the international non-profit organization Forest Stewardship Council®. It describes the principles of proper forest management and controlling the flow of raw material from the forest to the consumer in a way that guaranteesthat products bearing the FSC logo come from forests managed in a responsible manner.
According to Forest Stewardship Council data, 38,409 wood and paper companies from around the world have FSC certification at the moment.

Over 199.952 million ha of forest areas are already certified, and Poland is among the top countries with the largest number of FSC-certified areas.


More information on www.fsc.pl



Look for products with the FSC® label in our offer.


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